Adamston - Pilot Pitch

Okay, hey guys. So if you don't know. These are the steps of pitching a show, first you pitch it, if it gets approved by at least one person, then you do the pilot and when it gets approved, then we'll look for a date to when it airs.

So here's my pilot.

  • Episode Title: First Day of Life (1)

First Day of Life (1)


It's the first day of school, Elliot and Jonathan start their first day with a bang when they start off the morning with a school prank that may get them suspended. Elliot and Jonathan have to convince the principal not to suspend them. Meanwhile, Kelsey gets dumped by her boyfriend, Barry on the first day.

What Happens?

The episode starts off with Elliot and Jonathan playing video games. Elliot and Jonathan talk about they're first day of junior high and how they will get bullied by the 8th graders. Then Elliot stops playing video games to go read books. Jonathan takes the book he's reading. Then Jonathan shouts "You want to have a girlfriend this year don't you?". Elliot stays silent for 1 second.

Then the intro starts.

As the intro ends, Elliot was seen with Jonathan entering the school, then they get stopped by Barry and Billy. Then Barry and Billy joke around with the 7th graders saying they can't enter the school unless they have a 7th grade pass.

Then the camera follows Barry as he leaves with Billy to go to they're class. Barry sees his girlfriend, Kelsey and tells Billy to go outside so they can talk. There was no one in the class, the class was empty. It was only them. "What's wrong" she asks. Barry responds "I'm breaking up with you, I'm sorry Kelsey. It's not you, it's me. The truth is...". "What?" she asks. "Nothing, nothing, Nervermind" he answers. Kelsey runs out of the class crying. Billy walks back in the class. "That didn't turn out good" Billy jokes around.

The screen was back on Elliot as he and Jonathan are looking for their lockers. "It's boring here in this school" says Elliot. "I have an idea, what about we plan a school prank" says Jonathan. "Your right! a school prank is a perfect way to start the year" Elliot replies. "Let's go plan it" says Jonathan.

The screen shows Kelsey crying lying on her locker door. Then her best friend, Leia ran to her. "I heard the news" Leia says. "How did you find out this quickly" says Kelsey. "Billy posted it on his Instagram page" answers Leia. "I can't believe he did that to me!" cried Kelsey. Leia comforts Kelsey.

In the Hallway, Elliot and Jonathan put paint in a student's locker. Then the student came and opens the locker and PAINT SPRAYS ALL OVER HER. It turns out to be Kelsey!. Mr. Williams runs to them and takes them to the principal's office. "You two are suspended!" yells Mr. Williams. "Please, don't. My mom's gonna kill me" said Elliot. Elliot and Jonathan try to convince Mr. Williams until Mr. Williams says. "You've been pranked by me!" yells Mr. williams as he laughs.

Meanwhile, Kelsey was walking around the school with a towel on her hand cleaning her hair. Then she sees something. She sees BARRY and LEIA kissing. Then the "To Be Continued..." sign pops on the screen. Then the episode ends.

Thanks for reading, I hope you approve it.