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Bader Mousa
• 1/15/2016

Adamston - Series Pitch

Hi, Guys. I'm here to pitch a series. It's kinda based on Degrassi: The Next Generation but is more a preteen show than a teen show like Degrassi.


Adamston High features the life of a group of 6th graders and 7th graders in the first season.



  • Elliot Morgan - a 6th grader looking for love and wants to be popular.
  • Kelsey Jones - a 7th grader girl handling boy trouble.
  • Barry Lyles - a 7th grader and Kelsey's boyfriend that is rich.
  • Helena Lyles - a 6th grader and Barry's little sister that has a crush on Elliot.
  • Jonathan - a 6th grader and Elliot's best friend that is poor.
  • Jessica Billy - a 6th grader that is the smartest girl in the grade.
  • Leia Simpson - a 7th grader that is a Chearleader and Helena's best friend.
  • Nahar Ahmed a 6th grader that is a Muslim and is trying to be a perfect girl.
  • Billy Miles - a 7th grader that is a Bully and has a dream of becoming a basketball player.
  • Mr. Williams - Elliot, Helena, Jonathan, Jessica and Nahar's teacher.

Hope you like it.

And also, you need Atleast 1 approval from an admin or a user with many edits to continue on.

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Bader Mousa
• 1/22/2016
Season 1?
• 1/22/2016
Season 1 Episode like from the start?
• 1/22/2016
No. The new Generation. Isn't it about teenagers going through highschool with lots of drama.
• 1/22/2016

You mean Degrassi: Next Class.

Okay, there is the beginning which is the Kids of Degrassi Street which aired on the 1980's and then next Degrassi was Degrassi Junior High which featured teenagers going through drugs and stuff like that and featured characters such as Archie Simpson also known as Snake, Christine Nelson also known as Spike, Joey Jeremiah and more. They were going through 7th and 8th grade. Then was Degrassi High, another which which is about Snake and his friends going through high school. Then was Degrassi: The Next Generation which featured Spike's daughter, Emma going through 7th grade (season 1 of tng) till marriage (season 9 of tng) and her friends dealing with drugs, romance, suicide, school shooting and more. Also Snake becomes a teacher at Degrassi and still didn't leave the show the current season. Then season 10-14 with Snake still on the show, deals with new characters such as Emma's godbrother, Connor and his friends, Clare, Alli and more. And also other characters such as Maya. The 10-14 seasons deals with Cancer, sickness, gay people, transgenders, suicide, drugs and more Then season 15-present, with Clare and her friends off the show coz they graduated now. Season 15-present deals with a new generation of viewers and audience like myself and the school students as they deal with school shooting, gay, drugs, cigarette, school shooting, changing attitudes, love, love, love, religion and more. Season 15-present is called Degrassi: Next Class. Tap here to go to the Degrassi wiki for more information but be very careful cause of spoilers.

There ya go, thanks for reading.

• 1/22/2016

Thanks, please stay online for a bit if you can. Maybe the rest of the cast will be decided today.

• 1/22/2016

Do you have any ideas for the Muslim character, Nahar Ahmed.

• 1/30/2016

I'm cancelling a character, Nahar Ahmed due to the fact there are not any actresses I could find for her. I did find an older one, so probably on Season 3 or 4, she'll be back.

These are the rest of the cast:

  • Miranda May - Leia Simpson
  • Peyton Meyer - Billy Miles
  • Lee Norris - Mr. Williams

There, I'm done with the cast.

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